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Our stone paper is ecological, composed of 75% calcium carbonate and 25% binder, including resin and polyethylene. Protected by the Polish Patent Office, the paper composition produces a high-quality material. The addition of calcium makes the surface naturally white, smooth, and velvety.
More importantly, stone paper is highly tear-resistant and moisture-proof. In case of accidental spills, e.g. water or tea, the notes do not smudge and the paper is still writeable.


Key features

Tear- and grease-resistant

Stone paper, unlike traditional paper, is highly resistant to tearing, which allows to maintain its aesthetic appearance.

Naturally white

Calcium, which is the main component of stone paper, allows you to achieve a natural white effect.


High water resistance and fat resistance, effectively protects notes from damage


The production of stone paper is ecological - water and wood are unnecessary here.

Did you know?

One ton of stone paper saves 34 litres of water, 75 kilograms of pollution, 19 kilograms of waste, and 477.5 kW of energy! Stone paper production is fully ecological – no wood or water required. What is more, the paper is photodegradable and recyclable.

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